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Socket for Partial Hand Prosthesis


SocketA socket is described for use with a partial prosthesis of the hand. The socket includes a base layer molded to encapsulate and conform to the contours of a natural hand. The base layer has a dorsal portion and a palmar portion. The palmar portion has a distal edge positioned, in use, proximal to the transverse metacarpal arch of a natural hand, and the dorsal portion having a distal edge positioned, in use, along a transverse span along a mid-portion of the dorsum of the natural hand in an area proximal to the area of the second through fifth metacarpals of a natural hand. The palmar portion of the base layer defines a first open area around the hypo-thenar eminence and a second open area surrounding on the palmar portion the thenar eminence and extending to the radial side of the second metacarpal on the dorsal portion. (PDF) Socket for partial hand prosthesis.

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