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Comprehensive Accelerated Fitting Process™

Experience has shown that people with upper limb differences have better rehabilitation outcomes when the prosthetic fitting process is completed in a short span of time.

Our Comprehensive Accelerated Fitting Process™ (CAFP™) gives personalized attention to each patient over the course of 3 to 5 days. During this time, the patient works closely with an upper limb prosthetist and a clinical therapy specialist. This interactive process allows our clinical team to tailor the prosthesis in real time, helping patients gain confidence and maximizing their rehabilitation. Accelerated fitting occurs in four steps:

Step 1:

Creating and Fitting the Socket

First, we create an impression with plaster or silicone to fit the contours of the residual limb, then use it to make a thermoplastic or silicone test socket. The socket connects directly to the patient's body and the fit is adjusted throughout the appointment to ensure maximum comfort.

Silicone Socket

Step 2:

Alignment of Trial Prosthesis

A fully functioning trial prosthesis is created and housed inside a rigid frame. The prosthetist and therapist work with the patient to perfect the alignment of the device for optimal comfort, fit and function.


Step 3:


Once the device is fitting comfortably and aligned properly, the patient receives guidance on how to control the components and use the device functionally. The clinical therapy specialist addresses posture and positioning during use of the prosthesis, and the patient will be asked to participate in a few outcome measures both before and after receiving the finished device.


Step 4:

Finished Prosthesis

It's time for the big reveal!  The prosthesis that the patient takes home integrates the refinements made to the trial prosthesis. The clinical therapy specialist will work with the patient to practice using the device in a variety of situations and will record video of the patient doing basic tasks with and without a prosthesis.

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