Possibility in Action

Life with a prosthesis is different, but it can be fulfilling and complete on many levels. Our patients are constantly overcoming obstacles; choosing to pursue their dreams of being independent, beginning new careers, playing sports, starting families, traveling and so much more. They are living proof of what is possible when you have the right prosthesis, training, support, and motivation to thrive.

Doing What you Love

Doing what you love flings open the door to happiness, and for our friend Brian Doyne, that means going rock climbing. Brian was severely injured and lost his left arm in 2005 while serving in the Army in Iraq. He is one of the thousands of people we’ve worked with to create a unique prosthetic solution that lets him get back to his favorite activity. Because life is about more than being able to fold your laundry or prepare a meal---it’s about being able to do what makes you happy.

Brian Doyne Rock Climbing Activity Specific Prosthesis
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Getting Back to Work

For just about everyone, going to work means using your hands, so it's easy to see why one of the first questions people have when they lose part of an upper limb is "Will I be able to work?" Fortunately, the answer for many of our patients is yes. Prosthetic rehabilitation can help those with upper limb differences get back to work. We start by determining the occupational requirements of a patient's job, then we design a prosthesis that is both functional and comfortable to wear for the duration of a workday. Our therapy team is involved from the beginning to ensure a patient receives proper training to maximize their ability to use their prosthesis at work.

Getting back to Work
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Getting Back to Work
Arm Dynamics patient welding at work

“When I went to work and showed my colleagues my new electric fingers, they thought it was the coolest thing they'd ever seen.”

- Candice Dicke

“From the beginning I've always said I would take this situation and I would show people that there is hope out there. I would try to inspire them and show them that anything is possible."

- Jason Koger

"Limitations are more of a mindset than the physical ability, and once you find your new normal and you fully understand it, everything becomes possible."

- Staff Sgt. Michael Kacer (RET)

“The prosthesis dramatically lessens the burden that I have on my left hand. It helps to balance me out on the right and helps with some of the fine motor skills I do at my desk."

- Sherri Whittaker

"I was brought up to always look at the positive side of life. I’m going to get back out there, do whatever I have to do, and prove to the world that just because I lost five fingers, it’s not slowing me down.”

- Alex Krueger