About Us

Arm Dynamics provides exceptional prosthetic rehabilitation to upper limb amputees in the U.S. and around the world. With years of specialized clinical experience and continuous involvement in prosthetic research, our team creates outside-the-box solutions that open up new possibilities for people with upper limb loss.

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Upper Limb Prosthetist Julian Wells working with patient Max Okun

Our Care

Surveys show that many of our patients wear their prosthesis at least eight hours per day -- about four times longer than the prosthetic industry average. This is a direct result of our holistic approach to prosthetic rehabilitation, which looks beyond the physical realm of limb loss to address the emotional, social and occupational aspects of a person’s life. Our high rate of successful prosthetic outcomes enables our patients to thrive!

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Congenital Lim Absence patient Angel Giuffria using activity specific device for yoga workout

Prosthetic Options

There are six prosthetic options available for people with an upper limb amputation or congenital limb difference. Since every person with upper limb loss presents a unique residual limb and has their own specific goals, we discuss and show all of these options to each patient, and then recommend the most appropriate choice.

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Arm Dynamics patient working in the logging industry.
Upper Limb Occupational Therapist Joby Varghese helps Sky Carr position his body-powered prosthesis for welding

Success Stories

Our patients are the why behind everything we do. We appreciate the opportunity to walk beside them on the path of becoming upper limb prosthesis users, and our goal is always to build a supportive, lifelong relationship. Their engaging personal stories share a range of challenges, accomplishments and unique perspectives.

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“I don’t need to look like everybody else with two hands. I can look like myself and wear this amazing device that helps me do really cool things and not have to worry about fitting in.”
Patient Angel Giuffria Congenital Limb Absence

Angel Giuffria
congenital limb difference

“My prosthetic arm has made a huge impact on my everyday life. I can hold a fork to cut my meat or hold a plate while I'm dishing it up. When I'm trying to cook, I can hold the pan still while I'm stirring.”
Sam Rosecrans Shoulder Level Patient

Sam Rosecrans
shoulder level amputation

“With electric digits, I can do my job much easier and it helps me a lot with household chores. It gives me independence. Ninety five percent of the time I can do whatever I need to without any help.”
Partial Hand Patient Ridwan Mohammad

Ridwan Mohammad
Partial hand amputation, four digits

“My life has new purpose. I get to be a model to others to keep pushing forward - making sure that every moment of every day counts. I now believe anything is possible, no matter what you’ve been through.”
Merlyna Valentine bilateral below the elbow patient

Merlyna Valentine
bilateral below-the-elbow and bilateral below the knee amputations

“From the beginning I've always said I would take this situation and I would show people that there is hope out there. I would try to inspire them and show them that anything is possible.”
Jason Koger bilateral, below the elbow patient

Jason Koger
bilateral, below the elbow amputations

Research and Development

We take a leading role in upper limb prosthetic research and development to shape a brighter future for amputees everywhere. Our clinical team collaborates with research institutions and prosthetic manufacturers all over the world, providing an array of upper limb resources, subject matter expertise, and a large population of experienced prosthesis users. Arm Dynamics’ CAPPFUL® and CAPROQ® assessments advance and optimize prosthetic rehabilitation.

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Clinical Team

With more than 100 years of combined experience, direct access to prosthetic component manufacturers and active participation in advanced research, our clinical team is the best in the world at combining the latest technologies and techniques to maximize each patient’s rehabilitation.

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John Miguelez, CP, FAAOP(D) and Rob Dodson, CPO, FAAOP work with a high level patient