Abe Baker working with son, Seth on a car
Abe Baker Photo

Abram Baker

Below the Elbow Amputee

Abram Baker was a maintenance technician in a flour mill when he lost his left hand in an accident at work. His orthopedic surgeon advised him to travel from his home in Tennessee to an Arm Dynamics center in Dallas, TX, for his prosthetic care.

With a 32-year career under his belt, Abram has an intense work ethic. Just five weeks after his accident, he chose to go back to work with one hand. “If there’s two seconds on the clock and its double overtime, I want the ball—I want that shot. I’m that kind of dude, the Larry Bird of maintenance technicians.”

He uses a body-powered and a myoelectric prosthesis on the job, at home, and working on the side business he has with his son: building Rat Rods and four-by-fours to go off-road. In 2022, Abram and his wife started a nonprofit foundation to help other people with limb loss who need emotional support through the healing process.

Abe's Foundation

If you'd like to learn more about the nonprofit foundation that Abram and Susan Baker have created, visit the website: The Wounded Wing Foundation

A lot of people who lose a limb think that life’s over—I did. But it’s not."