Upper Limb Specialists

Traveling for prosthetics can change your life

Would you go to a foot doctor if you broke your hand? Probably not; you’d go to a hand specialist. The same logic applies to prosthetic care. If you need an upper limb prosthesis, you need to see a prosthetist who specializes in upper limb.

Since 90 percent of all amputations are lower limb, general prosthetic clinics deal mostly with lower limb prosthetics and might only see one or two upper limb amputees in a year. Arm Dynamics focuses exclusively on upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation and works with hundreds of patients from the U.S. and around the world, every year.

Our Destination: Upper Limb Specialists program could make it easier for you to experience holistic prosthetic rehabilitation that meets your specific needs as an upper limb prosthesis user.

Explore our six U.S. locations, and after you've decided with is most convenient for you, send us an email. We'll let you know if you're eligible for travel assistance and how you can schedule a complimentary video consultation with a prosthetist.

Traveling for prosthetics could revolutionize your life!

*You must live more than 200 miles from an Arm Dynamics center to be considered for assistance with travel expenses. Medicare/Medicaid patients are not eligible for Destination: Upper Limb Specialists