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Terminal devices for electric prosthetics come in a big array of shapes, sizes and designs. One such device is called the ETD made by Motion Control. It is an electric hook that opens and closes as you can see in the GIF below. As with all electric terminal devices it is powered via a battery and is most often controlled by the user via myoelectric signals. It is a popular option among those with an upper limb difference because ETDs are rugged and water resistant.


When people read the word “hook” they may think of a very basic design that has been around for centuries. While the ETD has some resemblance to that tool of yore, it is far more useful and functional! It is also safer: the ETD has a feature that allows it to be gentle, so that you don’t have to worry about squishing, say, a raw egg. Conversely, it can generate one of the strongest grips of all prosthetic terminal devices.

While multi-articulating hands can offer a futuristic, robotic look with multiple grasp patterns, some are relatively fragile and can be damaged during heavy duty activities.There are day-to-day activities that multi-articulating hands are the best choice for, but once an activity involves either fine dexterity or a lot of force, the ETD is generally a better choice. But, depending on your insurance coverage, you may not have to choose between a hand or an electric hook — if there is medical necessity, you may be able to get both.

Being a more durable and rugged device, ETDs tend to get dirty! One of the advantages of an ETD is that it is easy to wash the tines of the hook every time you wash your hands. There is no glove needed — you just use soap and rinse. Just be careful to limit rigorous washing to the tines as not all wrists are not waterproof. Your prosthetist and clinical therapy specialist will walk you through what your ETD and wrist are capable of handling.

The ETD2 functions very similarly to the original ETD but has different styling — check it out:


Would you like to learn more about the ETD and what it can do to make your life easier? Please contact us and let us know you’re interested in a complimentary consultation. We will discuss all available options for your limb difference level. If you yourself are an ETD user, please tell your fellow amputees in the comments about how you like your device!

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