Wendi Parker and son Hank hanging out on front porch
Wendi Parker portrait

Wendi Parker

Above the Elbow Amputee

Wendi’s path to limb loss began back in 2006 when she seriously injured her left arm. After 12 years of persistent pain and multiple surgeries, she decided that her best option was to amputate. She was SO ready to get her life back, and within two weeks of her amputation, she declared “Game on!” Time to get fit. Time to have adventures with her son. Time to connect with a prosthetic team who was ready to help her achieve, believe and succeed!

Wendi’s Perspective

Check out Wendi's blog featuring her perspective on living life as a transhumeral amputee, written for Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month.

I love talking to our customers at Trader Joe’s about my prosthesis. My regulars have been a real source of joy through the whole process. Along with our team in the store, it’s been a kind of support system for me.