The V2P is a body-powered terminal device made by the company ToughWare. V2P is short for Variable Pinch-force Prehensor™. What sets it apart from standard body-powered hooks is that it has six settings for adjusting the amount of pinch force that is available to the user. Depending on the desired activity, the pinch force can be manually changed from a light grip to stronger grips.

The V2P, like other body-powered devices, is a great option for anyone who wants to do heavy-duty activities or any activity that will result in the terminal device getting wet. It’s durable and versatile. It works similarly to a body-powered hook, but the design allows for a more stable grip, partially due to its rubber-lined tips, which are replaceable. Some patients also find it more ergonomically pleasing to their body alignment.

We have two featured patients who have a V2P as one of their terminal device options: Austin Anderson and Gerry Kinney. After Austin’s amputation, we fit him with several devices. One was an activity-specific device that allowed him to return to his work as a tree faller in Yosemite National Park. But at home, which is a five-acre farm, Austin dons his body-powered prosthesis with a V2P. The device helps him with feeding animals, landscape work, handling tools, lifting hay bales and more. 

Gerry lost both his arms below the elbow when he was electrocuted doing work as a lineman. After he was fit by us, he wears both myoelectric terminal devices and body-powered devices. We asked Gerry about his terminal device on a recent visit with him. “The V2P has an adjustable tension and I can decrease the tension where it’s real easy, so if I want to pick up something light and not worry about damaging it, I can. And then I can also increase the tension to get super strong pulling power.”

As you can see in his welding video featured below, Gerry is wearing a standard body-powered hook on his left arm and the V2P on his right arm as he prepares to do some welding. Having two different types of terminal devices gives Gerry options about what he’s able to do with each side. Gerry continued, “The main thing I love about my V2P is the rubber pads and how wide it is compared to my body-powered hook. I use this to push stuff with. It’s easier to manipulate stuff with. I also like to wear it when I’m getting dressed because it’s easy to hold onto the fabric.”

Gerry again: “The V2P is super handy for anything because it gets a really good grip on stuff and it’s so awesome for pushing. And I don’t like scratching things that I’m working on or picking up, and with the rubber pads on this device, I don’t have to worry about scratching stuff up.”

If you would like to learn more about the V2P and how it could help with your tasks at work, home or with hobbies, please contact us. All our clinical therapy specialists are here to help patients learn how to use their device and will specifically teach them how best to execute their desired tasks. If you wear a V2P and would like to tell your peers about your experience, please comment below. Thanks for reading!

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