Gerry Kinney welding with body-powered prostheses
Gerry and Denise Kinney

Gerry Kinney

Bilateral Below the Elbow Limb Amputee

Gerry Kinney had been working as a lineman for more than 20 years when he was electrocuted in 2015. Both of his arms had to be amputated below the elbows.

As a hardworking guy who relied on his hands to get things done, Gerry was eager to figure out a new way to tackle projects with his prosthetic arms. Welding, using power and hand tools, wood working, and becoming a teacher are some of his accomplishments. Gerry attributes most of his success to his wife Denice, who’s been next to him every step of the way.

      • Body-powered hook and V2P
      • Custom silicone sockets
      • TASKA multi-articulating myoelectric hands
      • ETDs-(electronic terminal devices)
      • Midwest ProCAD four-way locking wrist

A new perspective on life: Lineman shares his story of perseverance

Illinois Country Living
October 12, 2018
My story is about life, not giving up, and what me and my wife have overcome in the process of going from no hands to prosthetics limbs---how it’s opened up my life to go and do anything I want to do. The only limitation really is my mind."