Our commitment to communication

When referring a patient to Arm Dynamics, you can expect clear and consistent communication throughout your client’s prosthetic rehabilitation. Our team of authorization specialists, clinical care providers and center patient coordinators interface directly with payer sources to provide timely, accurate information.

We will:

  • Be available for phone and email communication as needed
  • Contact you with important updates during the authorization process
  • Invite nurse case managers to observe the patient’s initial evaluation
  • Provide evidence-based clinical recommendations and thorough documentation
  • Offer updates throughout your patient’s prosthetic rehabilitation

Our clinical managers are always available to discuss prosthetic recommendations with case managers, claims adjusters or medical directors.  


Video that speaks volumes

We collect video of our patients throughout rehabilitation to document their ability to confidently use their prosthesis. This includes activities of daily living and other functional tasks like driving, grocery shopping, family activities and working. Our library of clinical videos encompasses a range of prosthetic devices and componentry, allowing us to show insurance professionals the results of prosthetic rehabilitation for most amputation levels. After your client has completed rehabilitation, you’ll receive a video that documents their ability to perform functional tasks with their prosthesis.

Reliable patient follow-up

Our structured follow-up program guarantees that we reach out to your client at regular intervals, checking on how they’re doing and discussing any concerns they may have.

We ensure they’re wearing their prosthesis and that it fits comfortably. Should any use issue arise, it’s addressed as soon as possible by adjusting the prosthesis and providing additional training as needed.

The follow-up program monitors component warranty periods and proactively initiates repairs or replacements that are under warranty. We encourage patients to see us for regular check-ups to make sure their prosthesis is maintained in optimal condition.

This extends the life of the prosthesis and ensures that your client is able to maintain a functional, independent lifestyle.

Together, we can redefine what’s possible for your clients with upper limb loss.

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