Alex Krueger

Partial Hand Amputee

In June 2015, Alex was working at a printing company when he lost all five digits and most of the palm of his right hand. After nine surgeries, extensive occupational therapy, and talking with a psychologist, Alex returned to work at the same company, where he was trained and promoted to a higher-level job. His passion is fishing and hunting.

Prosthesis Details

  • i-Digits Quantum myoelectric thumb and fingers

  • Custom rolled silicone socket that’s green with gold metal flakes, the colors of the Green Bay Packers

  • Activity-specific prosthesis with attachments for using yard tools, a fishing pole, a rifle and a hunting bow

Alex Krueger with his family in Wisconsin
"I was brought up to always look at the positive side of life. I’m going to do whatever I have to do and prove to the world that just because I lost five fingers, it’s not slowing me down."
Alex Kruger
Alex Krueger

Arm Dynamics, Minneapolis