Alex with family
Alex Krueger Headshot

Alex Krueger

Partial Hand Amputee

Alex Krueger was injured on the job in July of 2015 when his right hand was pulled into an industrial paper shredder. His hand had to be amputated through the palm and included the loss of his thumb and fingers. He was fitted with a custom myoelectric partial hand solution featuring Touch Bionics’ i-digits quantum. He’s returned to work with the same employer and wears his prosthesis every day. He also received an activity-specific device with components for fishing, shooting, and bowhunting.
  • Myoelectric partial hand prosthesis with i-digits quantum. Custom finish with gold metal flake and green custom rolled silicone socket to match his favorite team the Packers
  • Activity-specific device with custom tool attachments. Socket is finished with camouflage water transfer and green rolled silicone
I was brought up to always look at the positive side of life. I’m going to get back out there, do whatever I have to do, and prove to the world that just because I lost five fingers, it’s not slowing me down.