Angel Giuffria Congenital Below the Elbow Bebionic Hand Model Actree
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Angel Giuffria

Congenital Below the Elbow Limb Difference

Angel Giuffria is an actress, public speaker, humanitarian and model who happened to be born without a left hand. At just six weeks old, she was fit with a passive prosthesis, and at five months old, she graduated to a myoelectric hand. Angel has lived her life wearing a prosthesis every day and in 2014, she upgraded to the multi-articulating bebionic hand sized for women. She also has an activity-specific prosthesis with attachments for working out, archery, bike riding, yoga and Krav Maga.
  • Myoelectric prosthesis with a bebionic hand and motorized wrist rotator from Otto Bock.
  • Hyper cool applications on the socket, with internal LED lights and various ALLELES interchangeable covers
  • Activity-specific prosthesis with multiple sports related attachments, including a flexible inner socket with a BOA compression system for adjustable compression
I don’t need to look like everybody else with two hands. I can look like myself and wear this amazing device that helps me do really cool things and not have to worry about fitting in.