Austin Anderson Headshot

Austin Anderson

Above the Elbow Amputee

Shortly after landing his dream job as a tree faller in Yosemite National Park, Austin was injured while helping his friend trim a tree. His left arm had to be amputated above the elbow. A prosthetist near his home told him it would be impossible to operate a chainsaw with a prosthesis. So he traveled to Arm Dynamics and found a team who said, "We can make it happen."

Prosthesis Details

  • Above the elbow, body-powered prosthesis

  • Vari-Pinch Prehensor hook (V2P) from Toughware

  • JAWS terminal device from TRS

  • Custom chainsaw adapter

Austin Anderson on his horse in the National Park where he works as an tree faller
"Now I'm capable of safely running a chainsaw and continuing to do what I love. This is only because I had a team who supported me and created the right prosthesis for me."
Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson

Arm Dynamics, Portland