Eduardo Garcia Transradial Amputee
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Eduardo Garcia

Below the Elbow Amputee

Chef Eduardo Garcia elevates cooking and eating into the realm of adventure. His recipe?  Go outside and gather your meal from the bounty of nature that surrounds you. His techniques include hunting, foraging, fishing, cooking over a wood fire, and serving up gourmet gastronomic discoveries on a slab of natural rock or wood. And that's exactly what Eduardo was doing—foraging  for food in the wilds of Montana— when seemingly out of nowhere, he was electrocuted.
  • Body-Powered hook
  • custom silicone socket

How Eduardo Garcia Became a Bionic Chef

People Magazine
November 30, 2013
At 30 years old, I had to re-think how to do every single task. How do I fly fish with a prosthetic? How do I surf again? Are there any amputee chefs?