Jameson Davis

Jameson Davis

Bilateral Limb Difference

When Jameson was born, his parents already knew that he would have an upper limb difference on both arms. Brook and Jim were overjoyed to hold their beautiful baby boy. At seven months old, Jameson began wearing custom-built passive arms, and at 18 months, he was ready for hybrid myoelectric arms. He’s now 11 years old and scheduled to get new prosthetic arms in 2024.

Prosthesis Details

  • Hybrid prosthesis

  • Passive elbow joints

  • Ottobock Electrohand 2000 terminal devices

  • Carbon fiber frame with custom laminated finish

  • BOA closure system

"I know we still have a long road ahead of us, but for now I want to enjoy our little victories--opening and closing doors and drawers, and using a utensil to eat," Brooke said."
Jameson Davis
Jameson Davis

Arm Dynamics, Portland

The Doctors
TV Show

 In 2013, Jameson joined his parents and his prosthetist on the television show "The Doctors" at the age of 10 months.