Justin Goodin at work
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Justin Goodin

Bilateral Above the Elbow Amputee

In April of 2013, Justin Goodin was working as an electrical lineman when he came into contact with a hot wire. His injuries resulted in the amputation of both of his arms above the elbow. After recovering from multiple surgeries, Justin was fitted with body-powered prosthetic arms, and later, with myoelectric arms, a multi-articulating i-limb hand and an electronic terminal device. He’s enjoying life in the mountains of New Mexico, where he likes to snow ski and hike, and is completing his education.
  • Right hybrid / left body- powered combination: The right hybrid incorporates an Otto Bock Ergo Hybrid Elbow and wrist rotator, a Motion Control ETD and an i-limb revolution hand. The left body-powered prosthesis uses a Hosmer E400 mechanical elbow, a TAD Five Function Wrist, and a 5XTi Hosmer Hook terminal device
  • Right and left body-powered combination with Otto Bock Ergo Elbows, quick disconnect wrist units, and 5XTi Hosmer hook terminal devices
I think one of the biggest things that gave me hope was getting fit with myoelectrics. Doing things with them was so much easier.