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Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

Below the Elbow Amputee

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Lauren nearly died when she was hit by a spinning plane propeller in December 2011. She had a traumatic brain injury and lost her left hand and left eye. Her first prosthetic arm allowed the 22-year-old to start working out with a trainer, lifting her mood, and helping her heal. Lauren is a now married with two children and is a writer, model and social media influencer.

Prosthesis Details

  • Passive transradial prosthesis with locking pin suspension and a custom sculpted and painted silicone restoration arm and hand that mirrors her right side (by ArTech Labs)

  • Activity-specific prostheses with multiple sports-related attachments, including a custom silicone socket with an adjustable BOA compression system

Lauren Workout
"I love my workout prosthesis and I don't know what I'd do without it. I work out four or five times a week, some with a trainer, some at the gym."
Lauren Scruggs Kennedy
Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

Arm Dynamics, Dallas

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