Max Okun in Gym
Max Okun Headshot

Max Okun

Congenital Above the Elbow Limb Difference

Max Okun was born without a left forearm and hand, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a fitness fanatic, weightlifter, personal trainer and viral video sensation! His determination, combined with a customized activity-specific prosthesis for the gym, has energized his life and made him a mentor for other upper limb amputees as well as able-bodied weightlifters.
  • Activity-specific terminal devices
  • Multi-D, Shroom Tumbler, Iron Master
  • Midwest Procad 2-way wrist attachment
  • Quick disconnect
  • Multipositional, locking external elbow hinges
  • Anatomically contoured transhumeral socket
  • BOA reel socket tension system
  • Pin lock and silicone liner
Having a prosthesis has definitely revolutionized what I can do in the gym.

Two Strong Arms

Building upper body strength requires two strong arms and a steady supply of determination. Training with a complete right arm and a left arm that ended at the elbow made it impossible for Max to achieve muscle symmetry.

By seeking out an upper limb prosthetic specialist, he discovered a path that led to two strong arms and relief from chronic pain. No pain, lots of gain!