Merlyna Valentine

Merlyna Valentine

Quadruple Amputee - Bilateral Below the Elbow

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Merlyna survived the unthinkable: a near-fatal infection that led to the amputation of both hands and both feet. Today, her morning routine includes putting on four prosthetic limbs and getting to work at Merlyna Valentine Consulting, where she offers motivational speaking, leadership development and consulting services for education professionals. An inspiration to all she meets, Merlyna is truly amazing!

Prosthesis Details

  • Primary prostheses – bilateral passive silicone restorations, custom sculpted and painted for realism

  • Secondary prostheses –bilateral myoelectric prostheses with SensorHand Speed and passive wrist rotation

Merlyna speaks at a conference
"My life has new purpose. I get to be a model to others to keep pushing forward - making sure that every moment of every day counts. I now believe anything is possible, no matter what you’ve been through."
Merlyna Valentine
Merlyna Valentine

Arm Dynamics, Dallas

Merlyna on the Today Show

June 23, 2011