Sam Rosecrans

Sam Rosecrans

Shoulder Level Amputee

Sam was working at a sawmill in Idaho when the edge of his work glove was pulled into a conveyor belt. He lost his right arm above the shoulder. Sam wanted his prosthesis to look as bionic as possible and he was involved in the design process. His new, ultralight arm has a sleek black cover made from durable, thin plastic that’s covered with woven Kevlar and accented with a black matte frame.

Prosthesis Details

  • Shoulder disarticulation myoelectric prosthesis with positional locking shoulder

  • Utah Arm elbow

  • Electronic terminal device (ETD)

  • Multi-articulating bebionic hand

Sam Rosecrans fishing with his shoulder level myoelectric prosthesis in Portland
"My prosthetic arm has made a huge impact on my everyday life. I can hold a fork to cut my meat or hold a plate while I'm dishing it up. When I'm trying to cook, I can hold the pan still while I'm stirring."
Sam Rosecrans
Sam Rosecrans

Arm Dynamics, Portland