Sherri Whittaker on her Scooter
Sherri Whittaker Headshot

Sherri Whittaker

Congenital Above the Elbow Limb Difference

For her entire life, Sherri Whittaker has found a way to do everything she wants and needs to do. Sherri was born with a congenital limb difference where her right arm ended above the elbow. She wore a body-powered prosthetic arm as a young child and has been wearing a myoelectric prosthesis for more than 40 years. Sherri is a talented artisan, an accountant and mother.
  • Myoelectric prosthesis with a Variplus Speed hand, rotator and DynamicArm from Otto Bock. Sherri has a flexible adjustable socket made specifically because she had a bone lengthening procedure to give the end of her bone a natural shape that aids in suspension and control of her arm such that she doesn’t need to wear a harness. This option at the transhumeral level of limb loss is truly unique.
  • Activity specific prosthesis with passive hand and ErgoArm elbow. Sherri uses this for her passion of bike riding.
The prosthesis dramatically lessens the burden that I have on my left hand. It helps to balance me out on the right and helps with some of the fine motor skills I do at my desk.