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Tom Seibert

Below the Elbow Amputee


Tom was in high school when he was in a wakeboarding accident and his left hand had to be amputated. As an athlete and outdoorsman, he initially went with rugged prosthetic designs like an activity-specific prosthesis and an electric hook. He got his first multi-articulating bionic hand in 2014, and now wears an i-Limb Quantum and a TASKA waterproof myoelectric hand.

Tom and his wife Sara are excited to be new parents!

Prosthesis Details

  • Wrist disarticulation level myoelectric prosthesis

  • iLimb Quantum and TASKA Hand

  • Custom silicone socket

  • Streamlined dynamic frame with BOA system

Tom Seibert and his bride at their wedding
"My hand has become a huge part of me. It's always front and center because I'm using it so much and interacting in a more natural way."
Tom Seibert Headshot
Tom Seibert

Arm Dynamics, Portland