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Tom Seibert

Below the Elbow Amputee

In 2006, high school senior Tom Seibert was in a wakeboarding accident and his injured left hand had to be amputated. As an athlete and outdoorsman, he initially chose prosthetic designs that were rugged, including an electric hook and an electric greifer for daily life, and activity-specific prostheses for weightlifting, lacrosse and swimming. In June 2014, Tom was fitted with his first multi-articulating bionic hand, the i-limb revolution with a thumb that rotates automatically. In 2018, he was fit with a multi-articulating, waterproof Taska hand.
  • Wrist disarticulation level myoelectric prosthesis
  • iLimb Quantum and Taska Hand
  • Custom silicone socket
  • Dynamic frame with BOA system
My hand has become a huge part of me. It's always front and center because I'm using it so much and interacting in a more natural way.