The Value of Holistic Rehabilitation

People with upper limb loss are often overwhelmed by the physical, psychosocial and occupational challenges they face. Since most prosthetic providers are focused on lower limb, they’re unprepared to fully address the complexities of upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation.

In contrast, each Arm Dynamics center has a full-time holistic team that includes a prosthetist and clinical therapy specialist working together with every patient. They apply our CAPPFUL® and CAPROQ® outcome measures to ensure optimal function with a prosthesis and a timely return to daily activities and work. This approach to upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation makes it possible for your clients to experience successful prosthetic outcomes for the long run. We collaborate closely with insurance professionals to accurately assess the costs of care and focus on reducing expenses.

Patients return to work sooner

Many new patients at Arm Dynamics have had an unsatisfactory fitting experience with another prosthetic provider, resulting in frustration, wasted insurance dollars and delays in returning to work. Our process gets our patients into an initial prosthesis faster and gives them the tools and training to prepare them to return to work.

Our Comprehensive Accelerated Fitting Process™:

  • Ensures a positive first fitting experience
  • Restores functional independence and promotes rapid return to work
  • Supports cost containment over the lifetime of care
Patient surveys indicate a 76 percent increase in satisfaction compared to the experience they had with their previous prosthetic provider.
Portland transhumeral patient Wendi Parker. works at Trader Joes who have been supportive of her since her amputation
Kansas City Patient Gerry Kinney doesnt let anything stop him from accomplishing his goals as a bilateral transradial amputee

Better outcomes

Patient outcomes improve significantly when an upper limb prosthetist and therapist see the patient as early as possible following surgery or injury. From our initial evaluation forward, a range of therapy services are integrated into each stage of care. Preparing patients for real life situations is key. We provide on-site training at the patient’s home, work location and in community settings like grocery stores and restaurants.

The result is a long-term, successful prosthesis user.

“If a patient gets an inexpensive prosthesis and it doesn’t work well, then they have to see a specialist to fit and create a new prosthesis. This sort of backwards approach can really magnify the costs.”
Jonathan Cheng, MD Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon Dallas, Texas
Jonathan Cheng, MD

Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon, Dallas, Texas

Accurate cost assessments

Our fulltime justification and authorization team will collaborate with you to control expenses related to your client’s upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation. We provide evidence-based clinical recommendations and documentation to help you make decisions that conform with medical necessity and fiduciary responsibility.

Determining the best prosthetic provider for patients with upper limb loss can be challenging. Consult with Arm Dynamics on a case and we’ll ensure that your client receives the most appropriate prosthetic solution for their situation.

Our holistic care model maximizes each patient’s rehabilitation potential, helping them to regain their independence and return to work as soon as possible.
Arm Dynamics justification and authorizations team -1
Offering comprehensive rehabilitation services under one roof for the lifetime of the prosthesis controls expenses by:
  • Providing accurate cost prediction and containment
  • Streamlining billing
  • Simplifying patient transportation and minimizing the associated cost
  • Preventing expensive medical complications that occur over time, such as overuse syndromes or musculoskeletal injuries

Together, we can redefine what’s possible for your patients with upper limb loss.