What to Expect After a Referral

Prompt and personalized communication

You’ll receive a confirmation of your referral from an Arm Dynamics patient relationship manager (PRM) or center patient coordinator (CPC). Both are available to assist you at any time and may be reached by phone, email or fax. We consider you a partner in your patient’s prosthetic journey and we work to develop a follow-up plan that fits smoothly into your existing system.

Prosthetist Doctor Surgeon Collaboration Meeting

Regular status updates

Once their insurance benefits are verified, an initial prosthetic evaluation will be scheduled to assess your patient’s rehabilitation goals. Following the evaluation, we’ll let you know the clinical team’s recommendations and send a Statement of Medical Necessity for you to sign and return. The next step is submitting an initial authorization request to the insurer. Depending on the insurance carrier, this can take some time, so we’ll be sure to keep you and your patient informed at regular intervals.

"The Arm Dynamics team offers comprehensive rehabilitation and is very invested in making sure that the prosthetic limbs they fit are actually used, are pain-free and work well. They will do whatever it takes to make that happen."
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Jonathan Cheng, MD

Hand and Peripheral Nerve Surgeon - Dallas, Texas

Patient advocacy

If your patient’s initial insurance authorization request is denied, our justification, authorization and billing experts will prepare an appeal and offer your patient guidance on strategies for self-advocacy. In today’s health insurance environment, denial of the initial authorization request has become commonplace. Our standard response is to file an appeal and include additional justification information. 


World-class prosthetic rehabilitation

After your patient has been authorized for care, we’ll schedule them for a three-to-five day expedited fitting. If their case is complex, a second expedited fitting period may be required to refine their prosthesis and deliver a take-home ("definitive") version of their device. In most cases, both of these fittings happen within a span of two weeks.

Prosthetic Alignment Phase
"If your friend or family member lost an upper limb, wouldn’t you want them to have the best possible opportunity to get back to doing the things they enjoy? Life is about so much more than being able to lift a spoon to your mouth."
Matt Koepplinger, DO

Hand Surgeon - Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center

Patient progress updates

In most cases, when your patient has completed their fitting and prosthetic training, you’ll receive a video showing their rehabilitation progress. After that, our patient relationship manager will contact you periodically with patient updates and occasionally deliver the latest upper limb prosthetic rehabilitation materials to your office.


Together, we can redefine what’s possible for your patients with upper limb loss.