Why Refer to an Arm Dynamics Center?

Thank you for considering one of our Arm Dynamics centers as a prosthetic care provider for your patients with upper limb loss. While there are many prosthetists to choose from, only a few specialize in addressing the complex prosthetic needs of upper limb amputees.

There are several key qualities that define our standard of care.


We work exclusively with the smallest subset of the amputee population (less than 10% worldwide) who also have the most specialized prosthetic needs. Our prosthetists and clinical therapy specialists work side by side with patients, creating comfortable prosthetic solutions and providing one-on-one therapeutic training and support to maximize their rehabilitation potential.


Individualized care

Every patient presents unique needs, challenges and goals. We begin with a thorough initial evaluation and discuss the range of prosthetic options. Together we determine which options match the patient’s goals, then create a holistic and customized rehabilitation plan.

Portland prosthetist Mac Lang, works with patient Wendi Parker on her actiivity-specific attachments
"I refer to Arm Dynamics because it’s truly a team approach, with a prosthetist and therapist working together to address the patient’s individual needs and provide a spectrum of viable options. I can’t say that about any other company."
Matt Koepplinger, DO
Matt Koepplinger, DO

Hand Surgeon - Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center


We offer free pre-surgical consultations and provide a variety of upper limb prosthetic resources to both medical and insurance professionals. We respect the relationships you’ve built with your patients and we’re here to help you ensure their success through lifelong prosthetic care.

Collaboration with Surgeons and Doctors


You can expect a prompt reply to any referral and consistent clinical updates over the course of your patient’s prosthetic rehabilitation. You’ll receive objective reports that document your patient’s progress using their prosthesis.


Evidence-based outcomes

We apply standard and proprietary outcome measures to ensure that every patient reaches their optimal prosthetic function and independence. The results of our evidence-based outcomes include surveys showing that many patients wear their prostheses at least eight hours a day.

A clinical Therapy Specialist works with Transhumeral patient adminstering the CAPPFUL outcome measures
"It’s amazing to see successful patient outcomes…when people go back to work or are able to take care of their family again, or just getting to be independent and happy."
Lauren Danahy, RN, BS, MBA, CCM, LNCC, CCHP
Lauren Danahy, RN, BS, MBA, CCM, LNCC, CCHP

Willamette Nurse Consultant Group LLC-Oregon

Together, we can redefine what’s possible for your patients with upper limb loss.