Amber Peterson riding bicycle
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Amber Peterson

Pediatric Congenital Below the Elbow Limb Difference

Amber has congenital absence of her right hand and forearm. She was fitted with a passive prosthesis at six months, and a myoelectric at 18 months. By the time she was five-years-old, Amber was using activity-specific prostheses to play the violin and swing a bat for tee-ball. Today she wears a myoelectric prosthesis for school and social activities, and has a range of devices to enable her active lifestyle that includes bicycling, basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer and more.

She's on the Ball! Amber Peterson and her Prosthetic Sports Arm

inMotion Magazine
July 15, 2016
Doing all the sports and things like that makes me feel healthy. It lets me do a lot of exercising, which is good, and I have fun with my friends.