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Amber Peterson

Below the Elbow Limb Difference

Amber was fit with a passive prosthesis when she was six months old and graduated to a myoelectric hand with active grasp at 18 months. She started using an activity-specific prosthesis to play the violin and swing a bat when she was 5 years old. Today, Amber is in college and is wearing a multi-articulating hand with an electric wrist rotator.

Prosthesis Details

  • Body-powered prosthesis with a 555 SS Hosmer hook  (18 mos-17 yrs old)

  • SensorHand Speed myoelectric prosthesis

  • Activity-specific arm with a quick disconnect wrist and various terminal devices such as Free Flex Hand for soccer, volleyball, basketball (5 yrs-19+yrs old)

  • Myoelectric bebionic small (17 yrs-ongoing)

Amber uses her sporty prosthesis to play vollyball
"Playing sports and things like that makes me feel healthy. It's a lot of exercising, which is good, and I have fun with my friends."
Amber Peterson
Amber Peterson

Arm Dynamics, Minneapolis

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