Hugo Linares
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Hugo Linares

Below the Elbow Amputee

Hugo had been working in a shipping and receiving warehouse for 11 years when he was in an accident and had to have his right hand amputated. His surgeon referred him to Arm Dynamics and he began the journey of prosthetic rehabilitation, working closely with a prosthetic specialist and a clinical therapy specialist.

He returned to work at the same company, unloading trucks, operating forklifts, and delivering pallets of supplies to different departments. He wears a prosthesis all day at work and also when he returns home, where he enjoys barbecuing, riding his bike and spending time with his family. Hugo believes that learning to have a positive outlook is what helped him move forward after limb loss.

My prosthetic team is helping me a lot. I mean, they did everything right with my arm, and they showing me how to use it.  I wear it all day and it never hurts.