The Upper Limb Library / Getting a Prosthetic Device

by Amber Henson, on Aug 31, 2021 3:29:27 PM

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Topics:Health InsuranceArm Dynamics TeamGetting a Prosthetic DeviceUpper Limb LossTraumatic AmputationDoctor Involvement

by Amber Henson, on Aug 24, 2021 12:17:31 PM

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Topics:Self-advocateLimb DifferenceMaking an AppointmentGetting a Prosthetic DeviceDoctor InvolvementProsthetists

by Amber Henson, on Jul 13, 2021 12:54:53 PM

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Topics:Getting a Prosthetic DeviceVisiting Arm DynamicsWhat Makes Arm Dynamics SpecialOccupational and Physical TherapistsCustomizationComprehensive Accelerated Fitting Process

by Amber Henson, on Jun 15, 2021 1:25:45 PM

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Topics:SupportGetting a Prosthetic DeviceUpper Limb LossPassive ProsthesisTips for New Prosthesis UsersAthletes

by Amber Henson, on Mar 30, 2021 1:26:14 PM

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Topics:Advice After an AmputationHealth InsuranceMaking an AppointmentGetting a Prosthetic DeviceUpper Limb LossComprehensive Accelerated Fitting Process

by Amber Henson, on Nov 30, 2020 2:11:16 PM

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Topics:Electric Terminal DeviceProsthetic Device IssuesGetting a Prosthetic DeviceProstheses CareMyoelectric ProsthesesIntroductory Articles

by Pat Prigge, CP, LP, FAAOP(D), on Nov 16, 2020 3:49:16 PM

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Topics:Arm AmputationGetting a Prosthetic DeviceIntroductory ArticlesTips for New Prosthesis Users

by Amber Henson, on Nov 9, 2020 1:59:38 PM

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Topics:Working When You Have a Limb DifferenceSocketGetting a Prosthetic DeviceResidual Limb SkinProsthetic Wear TimeGetting Started with Your Prosthesis

by Amber Henson, on Oct 5, 2020 3:52:25 PM

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Topics:Self-advocateHealth InsuranceGetting a Prosthetic DeviceInsurance DenialsProsthetic ChallengesDoctor Involvement

by Amber Henson, on May 4, 2020 12:33:11 PM

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Topics:Health InsuranceArm Dynamics TeamMaking an AppointmentCOVID-19Getting a Prosthetic Device

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Arm Dynamics is the most experienced upper limb prosthetic care provider in the world. Our Upper Limb Library is our community space for articles for and by those with an upper limb difference. Read on to learn all about issues that affect those who have had an amputation, and be sure to leave a comment letting us know what topic you’d like to know more about!


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