Top 15 Coolest Things

The Top 15 Coolest Things Our Patients Have Done AFTER Limb Loss

The loss of an upper limb is almost always devastating. Whether it’s a partial finger loss or the loss of an arm at the shoulder level, it’s a big deal that takes time to recover from. But with perseverance, support, patience and the right tools, AKA prosthetic devices, the sky is the limit when it comes to what is possible after an amputation — in the case of our first list item, sometimes literally:

    1. Flown a helicopter
    2. Welded
    3. Used a chainsaw
    4. Had a child
    5. Gone target shooting/hunting
    6. Hosted a nationally televised cooking show
    7. Started a non-profit organization to help other amputees
    8. Won pool tournaments
    9. Gone paddleboarding
    10. Gone fishing
    11. Went back to their construction job
    12. Weightlifting
    13. Be a stay-at-home parent to three kids
    14. Became a motivational speaker
    15. Playing an instrument

Some of our patients have done more than one of the above activities! With the right fit and a custom designed and fabricated prosthesis, many patients have found their way back to the hobbies or jobs they enjoyed or some have explored activities they never considered before their amputation.

One big reason our patients have been so successful using their devices to live the life they want is because of our unique approach to prosthetic care. We don’t just create a great, lightweight device: our clinical therapy specialists teach our patients how to use it. There’s no set curriculum either they tailor prosthetic training sessions to fit each person’s lifestyle, hobbies and goals. Our therapists have cooked, cleaned, and gone to the grocery store with their patients. They stock hammers, shovels, fishing rods, drills and more in their offices, helping people learn how to handle those items with their prosthesis (or, sometimes, prostheses).

If you would like to do any of the top 15 things on our list or challenge our clinical team with a different goal of yours that we will help you accomplish, please contact us. Our clinical team works closely with our Justification, Authorization and Billing Team to help our patients navigate the insurance and possible appeal process. If you have a comment, please leave it below. We hope you will reach out to us.


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