What Are My Prosthetic Options Based on My Amputation Level?

Finger and Partial Hand Devices in Action

Following Your Amputation, When Should You Meet with Arm Dynamics?

Why It’s Important to Allow Patients to Choose Their Prosthetic Care Provider

Effects of an Amputation on Friends of the Patient

When An Amputation is the Result of a Work Accident: Introduction to Workers' Compensation

Shoulder Level Amputations

Alternatives to Opioids – Dealing with Pain After an Amputation

Why People Get Surgery After an Upper Limb Amputation

Seven Reasons Arm Dynamics Is Different from Other Prosthetic Care Providers

Bathroom Hacks for People with a Bilateral Limb Difference

Getting Excited About the Summer 2021 Paralympic Games!

The Lived Experience: Peer-to-Peer Support at Arm Dynamics

Organizations That Provide Financial and Emotional Support to People with a Limb Difference

Using Customization to Maximize Comfort and Function: Abe's Story

Bathroom Routine Hacks for People with a Limb Difference

Stats and Testimonials Regarding Upper Limb Prosthetic Care and Devices

The Benefits of Pre-Surgical Consultations for Patients and Physicians

An Overview of Arm Dynamics Research and Development Efforts

Why Do We Have Therapists On-Site at Each of Our Centers?

Arm Dynamics Virtual Symposium 2021

Celebrating Limb Difference Awareness Month 2021 – Five Things That I’ve Learned

Patient Profile: Kristi Wolfgram – Arm Dynamics Employee and Mom

The Process of Getting a Prosthetic Device: From Start to Finish

Getting Back to Work After an Upper Limb Amputation

How Outcome Measures Can Maximize a Patient’s Rehabilitation Potential

Creativity and Prosthetic Devices

An Introduction to Cosmetic Prostheses

Overuse Issues for People with an Upper Limb Difference

Introduction to Multi-Articulating Myoelectric Hands

Introduction to Activity-Specific Prostheses

How To Increase Wear Time with Silicone Sockets

Introduction to Myoelectric Prostheses

Introduction to Body-Powered Prostheses

Donning and Doffing Your Upper Limb Prosthesis

Happy Holidays from Arm Dynamics - 2020

Preparing for the Holidays When You Have a Prosthesis

Introduction to Passive Prostheses

Introduction to Electric Terminal Devices

How to Know Which Prosthesis is Right for You

Commonly Used Terms for New Amputees

Suggested Wear Schedule for a New Prosthesis

Daily Care of Your Residual Limb

Daily Care of Your Prosthesis

Care of Your Prosthetic Device - Do’s and Don’ts

Getting Your Prosthetic Device - Your Guide to the Appeals Process

Introduction to Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR)

Effects of an Amputation on Family Members

Graded Motor Imagery: Mirror Therapy Explanation and Steps

Motor Imagery - Using Visualization to Help Mitigate Phantom Limb Pain

Introduction to Graded Motor Imagery: Reducing Phantom Limb Pain

Congenital Limb Differences – Discussing it with Your Older Children

Effects of An Amputation on a Partnership – Partner Perspective

How to Increase the Wear Time of Your Prosthetic Device

Effects of Traumatic Amputation on Partnerships - Patient Perspective

How Therapists May Help You Mitigate Pain After an Amputation

Relaxation and Meditation: Helping Mitigate Pain After an Amputation

Spoon Theory Explained

The Best Healthy Habits to Help Mitigate Pain After an Upper Limb Amputation

Dealing with Pain After an Upper Limb Amputation

Introduction to Neuromas

Featured Patient: Austin Anderson

Introduction to Residual Limb Pain

Your Guide to Care with an Out-Of-Network Prosthetic Team

Introduction to Phantom Limb Pain and Phantom Sensations

Five Keys to Understanding the Emotional Impact of Upper Limb Loss

Visiting Arm Dynamics During the COVID-19 Crisis: Michael’s Story

Getting Your Prosthetic Device – What You Will Learn When You Meet Us

Driving After Upper Limb Loss

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month 2020

Remote Visits – Telehealth Offered by Arm Dynamics

Spotlight: Southwest Center of Excellence in Dallas, TX

Life Hacks for People with Upper Limb Loss

COVID-19: Update

Getting Your Prosthetic Device – Referrals and Prescriptions

Getting Your Prosthetic Device – First Steps

Why Do Some People Choose Not to Wear a Prosthesis?

Custom Silicone Sockets: The Ultimate in Comfort and Control for Prosthetic Arms

Retrofitting Your Bathroom After an Arm Amputation

Hand Washing When You Have a Prosthetic Hand

Taking Off With an Upper Limb Prosthesis: What You Need to Know

How Our Justification, Authorization and Billing Team Helps Advocate on Your Behalf

Using a Prosthesis on the Job

Sweat and Prosthetics

Here’s Why You May Need More Than One Prosthesis

Kitchen Tips for Upper Limb Amputees - Cutting and Chopping

Five Resources That Help You Build A Strong Circle of Support

Tips for Choosing an Upper Limb Prosthetist

Better Choices for People with Partial Hand and Finger Loss

Why You May Need to Travel to Find Excellent Upper Limb Prosthetic Care

Featured Patient: Lloyd Keith

How to Advocate for Yourself When Dealing with Your Insurance Provider

Congenital Limb Differences: What to Know Before Your Child is Born

Home Improvements to Make After an Upper Limb Amputation

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